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Mimi is a licensed acupuncturist trained with over 3500 hours of clinical and education training.  This will ensure the most safe, effective, and relaxing experience.  


Mimi is also Nationally Board Certified by NCCAOM, and Licensed by the Texas Medical Board.  She strives to be as thorough as possible while keeping the dignity of ancient medicine alive.


We have been in business since 2007, and welcome clients of all ages and gender, so if you’re looking for a new way to handle pain, stress, anxiety, give us a call at (832) 767-5668 ext. 1

W H O   W E   A R E

If you live in or around the Houston, Texas area, the best place to go for acupuncture services is The Point Acupuncture.


If you don't feel like your medications are working anymore, come and see us.


If you are tired of being in pain and nothing seems to help, that's what we do!


If you are always stressed and on edge and don't know how to relax, we can help.


If you are ready to do something different so you can start feeling better, this is your time!

W H Y   C H O O S E   U S

Our Mission is to offer the best and highest quality care and acupuncture services.  We do this by assessing your entire health condition and working to bring your body and health up to highest function it can be through acupuncture, herbs, lifestyle instruction and through many other means.


The whole point of acupuncture is to take advantage of the human body’s natural healing ability. If you are in pain, are suffering, or do not feel like you should normally feel, this is your cue to come in and see what's really going on.


Unfortunately Western Medical tests do not find issues until they are far gone.  If all of your tests are normal and you don't have any answers, come and see what we find!





W H A T   W E   D O

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