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About Mimi Gruber, L.Ac.

After I realized that I was in to natural health and all of the possibilities that came with it, I joined the Acupuncture school here in Houston, Texas even though I didn't have any acupuncturist who encouraged me to go this route. Only one month in to the program did I really know that this is what I was meant to be doing with my life.  There is nothing as rewarding as really helping people who come in with a crippling problem and leave feeling much different.  That being said, I didn't realize how much acupuncture would be able to help me in pivotal points in my life in a very big way.  


It started off with me suffering from crippling bouts of ADD-like issues.  The pain of not being able to stop thinking from morning to night to even in my dreams was unreal. It would literally bring me to tears at some times because I really felt I would not be able to feel like a normal human being.  It was through some key diagnosese that I was able to discover areas of my health that were leading to my mind being absolutely out of control.  And it was through a couple of key modalities including acupuncture that helped me to detoxify my body and allow the function of my body to 'heal' my brain.  


Then, not too long ago I got pregnant at the same time I signed a major contract that locked me in to some major responsibilites.  The impending due date forcing me to finish much quicker than I originally intended and led to some incredible stress in my daily life that wreaked havoc on my health.  A little longer than halfway through my pregnancy, my breathing pathway began to shut off as I would drift in to sleep.  This led to sleep apnea that would allow me only to sleep for 20 minutes at a time.  I was so miserable that I wished I could just disappear.


I went to senior acupuncturists who couldn't really help me, and I decided I had to figure it out on my own. I eventually came across a long-since-passed Master acupuncturist who developed a particular formula for treating an issue that was related to mine- I gave it a shot and could feel the relief as my breathing pathways began to open up.  Even though I employed the use of other natural modalities (yoga and tai chi), it was because of acupuncture and herbs that I was able to sleep much longer, and I didn't have the stress burdening every waking moment.  I was able to coast through the second half of my pregnancy at a much higher rate of functioning than before I started doing acupuncture and herbs on myself.  By the way, my baby is totally healthy!


Everything I do is because I have seen firsthand how much acupuncture and herbs can help someone.  In addition, I have personally experienced how acupuncture has figuratively saved my life!